Rekor CarCheck® is designed as a REST-based API, allowing you to interact with it using a variety of programming languages and operating systems. API calls can be made using different methods according to your development preferences. This flexibility ensures that you have control over how you interact with the API, enabling seamless integration into your applications.

Data Analysis and Retrieval

One of the key features of Rekor CarCheck® is its ability to analyze vehicle images from multiple sources. You can send vehicle image data from a local machine, server, or any web-based URL to Rekor CarCheck®. Upon receiving the image data, the API performs a comprehensive analysis, extracting information about the license plate and the corresponding vehicle. The results are returned in the form of JSON data, providing you with detailed insights about the recognized license plate and the associated vehicle.

API Endpoints

Rekor CarCheck® offers several endpoints that facilitate different functionalities within the API. Each endpoint serves a specific purpose, allowing you to perform various operations related to license plate recognition and vehicle identification.

Before getting started, you will want to make sure you have your secret key ready to go. Your secret key is available within the Web Dashboard. The following endpoints are available:

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