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Actionable Intelligence Delivery

Our software platforms are purpose-built to deliver insights necessary for customers in both the government and commercial sectors — allowing them to take action today and implement a digital infrastructure layer in pursuit of true roadway intelligence.

Comprehensive traffic and vehicle analytics

Screenshot showing the Rekor Discover dashboard
Rekor Discover™ fully automates the capture of comprehensive traffic and vehicle analytics across a variety of use cases. Non-intrusive smart devices are strategically deployed and utilize AI-powered edge processing to automatically analyze live video streams of active traffic and provide powerful roadway intelligence.

Smart roadway management and event detection

Screenshot showing the Rekor Command dashboard
Rekor Command™ is a cutting-edge, AI-driven platform created to provide Transportation Management Centers with a rapid and holistic view of what is happening on the roadways. Transforming today’s roadway management by adding a digital layer fed from multiple real-time data sources, Rekor Command provides actionable alerts for more incidents, at greater speed.

Accurate license plate and vehicle recognition

Screenshot showing the Rekor Scout dashboard
Rekor Scout® enables accurate license plate and vehicle recognition on nearly any IP, traffic, or security camera. Detection results are displayed within a web-based interface hosted in the cloud or on-premises. Installation is quick and easy, making it the perfect security enhancement for government agencies, law enforcement, businesses of all sizes, and even homeowners.