Advanced Data Aggregation

Rekor One collects and consolidates information from multiple sources, cross-referencing and validating data points to generate a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the transportation network.

Capture live, high-quality video of the roadway

Safely deployed at the roadside, our proprietary systems capture holistic traffic data across the globe using advanced optics and edge AI processing. This data is then uploaded to the Rekor One cloud using a low-bandwidth cellular connection where it is transformed into actionable roadway intelligence and insights for our customers.

Source additional data from our technology partners

Technology and Data Partners seamlessly integrate their data into the Rekor One Roadway Intelligence Engine to help deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide additional insights and information that fuels the future of intelligent roadways for both customers and the industry alike.

Connect current assets to improve data variance

Traffic cameras, IoT sensors, ATMS systems, and other data collection points can be integrated into Rekor One, overlaying a digital layer on these legacy technologies while enabling a holistic understanding of road conditions, traffic flow, and congestion patterns. This real-time data integration enhances accuracy and improves the reliability and consistency of the information, reducing the potential for human error and subjective interpretation.

  • Traffic cameras

  • Dynamic message boards

  • CAD systems

  • ATMS systems

  • Security cameras

  • IoT sensors

  • Radar/Lidar

  • And much more!

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