What We Do

Using Artificial Intelligence, Rekor collects, connects, and organizes the world’s mobility data to deliver revolutionary roadway intelligence — laying the foundation for a digital-enabled operating system for the road.

Rekor’s award-winning technology delivers actionable solutions to countless high-profile agencies and businesses TODAY, not “one day” in the future. As one of the largest aggregators of roadway data and a driving force in AI and machine learning, our patented technology is focused on changing communities and benefitting the lives of citizens on a daily basis. That’s why we ensure our technology with industry-leading security standards and state-of-the-art data filters.

Our software platforms

Want to access roadway intelligence using our full-featured software platforms? Check out our software product pages below.

Our hardware systems

Looking to capture and transform roadway data with our AI-powered smart devices? Check out our hardware product pages below.

Our developer ecosystem

Wish to utilize our roadway data through standalone applications, APIs, and SDKs? Check out our developer-specific product pages below.

Our traffic services

Need traditional traffic data collection methods deployed? At Rekor, we believe in the power of combining both traditional and AI-powered traffic data collection methods to create comprehensive and reliable solutions for all your traffic data needs. Check out our traffic services page below.

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