Local Image Retrieval

The Rekor Scout® Agent exposes a simple web service for retrieving license plate images. Each image is referenced by a UUID that is sent along with the JSON metadata.

By default, this web server is disabled on the agent, but you can turn it on by adding web_server_enabled = 1 to the alprd.conf file.

Assuming that the daemon port is set to the default (8355), the full image is referenced with the following URL:


In some cases, you may prefer to retrieve a cropped image of just the license plate. This requires significantly less bandwidth than downloading the entire source image. The X and Y coordinates can be computed from the JSON metadata x/y coordinates of the license plate. The x1/y1 coordinates reference the top left of the license plate crop region, and the x2/y2 coordinates reference the bottom right. For example, assuming the crop is located at (477,258), (632,297):


In addition, the web server exposes a web service API for searching license plates and groups. Detailed documentation is available in the web server section.

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