Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page provides a comprehensive search engine that utilizes your entire Rekor Scout® database of historical reads. Two panels are displayed on the main page to separate the search parameters from the search results.

Search Parameters

The initial step in defining the search parameters is category selection. Provided options include Plate, Plate Candidate, and Alerts (shown below). Additional search parameters are updated and displayed based on the selected option and reviewed below.

“Plate Number” is a consistent parameter in all three search options and includes the “Wildcard Search” feature. This feature provides the capability to search for partial plate matches. In the partial plate input cases, a ‘*’ can be used to match/search for multiple characters and a ‘?’ to match/search for a single character.


In order to narrow your search, this option requires additional parameters to be entered including “Vehicle” information (“Make”, “Body Type”, and “Color”), “State/Province”, “Camera Coordinates”, “Time Period”, “Sites”, and “Plate Number”.

Plate Candidates

The “Plate Candidates” option requires similar but fewer search parameter adjustments including “Time Period”, “Site”, and “Plate Number”.


Searching by the “Alerts” option allows users to search for plates that correspond with a predefined Alert List. Search parameters for selection in this option are “Alert List”, “Time Period”, “Site”, and “Plate Number”.


The search findings are displayed in a list format under the “Results” panel. By default, they are ordered chronologically and based on the defined search criteria.

Hovering over plate numbers and vehicles will show the image thumbnail.

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