Change Your Plan

To downgrade or upgrade your current subscription, start by clicking the Billing and Subscriptions link located on the left side navigation of your dashboard.

In the Manage Subscriptions popup window, click on the current plan you would like to change. The plan information is listed in a white box above Account Information.

In the Subscription Details window, choose Edit Subscription.

Now, you can edit your subscription details and change your plan by clicking the Change button near the top right corner next to the name of your current plan.

Note: If you are on a Rekor Scout subscription plan, you cannot remove the Additional Usage add-ons unless you switch plan tiers and wish to remove the old tier add-on.

This removal is optional. You will not be billed extra if both "Additional Camera Usage - Basic" and "Additional Camera Usage - Pro" are attached to your subscription.

Additional connected camera usage is calculated using the active subscription plan's rate.

In the Change Plan window, you can switch your Billing Frequency from Monthly to Yearly or vice versa.

You can also change your plan tier by selecting your current plan from the dropdown and switching to the new one.

Once all changes have been made in the Change Plan window, click the Update button.

You will now see one final window to confirm all of your changes. If everything looks good, click the Update Subscription button.

Note: Additional connected cameras—beyond the one (1) included in the base plan fee—are billed according to usage and are invoiced on the same day as your base subscription.

A Usage Report PDF is included with each invoice. The daily usage number in the report equals the number of cameras connected beyond the one (1) included in the base plan.

Please view the Subscriptions and Licensing section for more information and examples.

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