Update Payment Method

To update your payment method or add additional payment method options, start by clicking the Billing and Subscriptions link located on the left side navigation of your dashboard.

In the Manage Subscriptions popup window, click on Payment Methods.

In the Payment Methods window, you can change your primary payment information or add an additional payment method, such as a backup credit card.

To change your primary payment information, click on the box containing the word Primary.

In the next window, click Edit Payment Method.

In the Update Your Payment Method window, you can update information such as your credit card number, expiration date, CVV, and associated address.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the Update button at the bottom.

To add an additional payment option, choose Payment Methods, then the Add New button, complete the required information before clicking the Add button at the bottom center of the window.

In addition to direct credit card payments, we offer support for Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Direct Debit. Google Pay and Apply Pay are only available on supported devices while Direct Debit is only available on a per request basis. Please contact our billing team at billing@rekor.ai for more information.

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