Guides and Support

The Guides and Support page is a resource center for you to start setting up and configuring your system, covering both hardware and software-related topics. More advanced Rekor Scout® guides are available.

Place your Camera

Camera placement is the most important factor that affects LPR accuracy and performance. Proper installation procedures can be found in the Camera Placement Guide.

Scout Agent

The Rekor Scout® Agent is a service that runs as a background task and it can be installed on a local machine.

  • The local agent runs on Windows, Ubuntu, and Docker. The software receives video streams from one or more IP cameras, analyzes the data for license plates, and sends information to the cloud. A dedicated PC or server is recommended for this type of agent due to high CPU requirements and usage.

You will have access to instructions regarding the installation of any of the recommended operation systems listed in the figure above on the Guides and Support page.

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